Thinking of getting married?


We're so pleased that you're considering marriage, the fulfilment of God's lifelong plan for men and women in relationship together. We'd love you to come and talk with us about it. Click on the link below to find details of weddings and marriage within the Church of England.

C of E Marriage

Marriages at St John's

The full ceremony

An authorised service for the marrying of couples, who have never been married before, and who have not been through any type of legal marriage service.

A celebration…

A simple service designed for couples who have had a Civil Marriage Ceremony in the UK or abroad, and want to have a church service afterwards.

Give thanks and renew vows.

This is a service for those who wish to renew their marriage vows.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do we qualify to get married in your church?
Do we have to have been baptized to get married in church?
Is it possible for us to hold our wedding on any day of the week?
I’m divorced, can I get married in your church?

Foundations for Marriage

Planning a wedding at St. John’s? Come to our Foundations for Marriage course. For more information please contact us.

Marriage Masala

We are also committed to encouraging marriages that have been going for some time. For more information please contact us.

Marriage problems?

We are always ready to meet and pray with any couples facing difficulties in their marriages.

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