Prayer & Healing

There is a prayer meeting for the needs of the Parish in the Church at 6.00am each Monday and 9.00am each Thursday as well as before the 10.00am Sunday services at 9.30am in the vestry; we also meet from time to time on Tuesday evenings to pray for specific needs - details in the weekly notices. In addition, there are always designated Church members present after each service, prepared to pray for anyone with particular needs.

Urgent requests for prayer are relayed through a confidential prayer chain; contact is made through Cynthia Fawcus who heads up the Prayer Chain which prays daily. Confidential prayer requests should be phoned to Cynthia on 01732 833397 between 6.00pm and 7.30pm and prayers will be passed on from 8.00am the following morning (9.00am on Saturdays). Emergencies any time.

We believe in a God who heals today.

There is a Healing Service at 6.30pm on the third Sunday of each month. We have a Healing Ministry team available for prayer after morning Services and we are happy to meet with you at other times for prayer if desired.

Church members are also part of the Healing on the Streets, on Saturday mornings at the Castle on the High Street in Tonbridge.

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